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We appreciate you subscribing to the Neither Wolf Nor Dog movie, mailing list. We'll keep you updated on the upcoming release of the film.

Neither Wolf Nor Dog is doing well in theaters in the US & Canada and opens in some European countries in the next few months but it has just gone on sale on DVD recently in one country, through one of the companies I've set up to handle my film. 

Here is the link to their online store if you can't click on it then copy and paste it into your browser. The store uses PayPal to process the payment but you don't need a paypal account. It is a portal for secure Credit and Debit Card processing. This link is for the mailing list only and not to be posted publicly. 

You can import the DVD/Bluray into the US and much of the rest of the world through this site (not Europe and Canada). Theaters don't allow us to sell the DVD's ourselves until after we've finished in theaters. That means its release on DVD domestically is months away in most countries. These copies are for home use only and cannot be used by libraries, schools, for public showings, loaned or for any other purpose. 

The discs are all of a universal format to play anywhere and are being shipped the same way as the Kickstarter supporters received them months ago. Shipping is as cheap as if in the US. Typically it takes one or two weeks to get there but sometimes longer. 

The Special Editions have hours of extras including an interview I did with Dave Bald Eagle and some of my other colaborators. As well as cut scenes and a little behind the scenes. 


Orders over $100 use 10off for 10% off.

Orders over $150 use 15off for 15% off.

Orders over $200 use 20off for 20% off.

My other native titles are all on sale at . They ship from within the US and make great Christmas presents. 

As a bonus, you can receive a 10% discount in this store using the code NWND10 at checkout.

Email me if there are any issues.

By the time the end credits arrive, the characters of this modest, crowd-funded feature are practically unforgettable. It’s immensely serious but no downer.”

Colin Covert - Star Tribune ★★★½ out of four stars 

Reddirt Report ★★★★★ Review:

Rottentomatoes score 4.7/5 96%.

The easiest way to find any of our screenings is on this constantly being updated map: bookmark the link and check in periodically.

Many thanks for your continued support. Once we've exhausted the theatrical life of the film then it will become available on DVD in individual markets. 

Best wishes


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